Our Track Record

If it’s one or two, that would be luck or chance, but if it’s more than a hundred, then there’s a proven system.

XTRM1-11 Movement

Developing Leaders

To level-up mentorship, leadership levels in the organization was introduced. This system provides mentorship by the seasoned business owners to the newbies. This caused an influx of leaders in each Leadership level growing year after year, as provincial chapters were also established.

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Using the system, XTRM1-11 has created several million-peso achievers in the team, from diverse backgrounds, with most of them having zero-knowledge in business or sales. This caused the team to enter its most explosive growth yet.

Gold Directors

Associates that reached their first P200,000 in one month.

Ruby Directors

Associates that reached their first P400,000 in one month.

Emerald Directors

Associates that reached their first P600,000 in one month.

Diamond Directors

Associates that reached their first P800,000 – P1.6M in one month.

Million Dollar Club Members

Associates that reached their first 1 Million US Dollars.

Global Expansion

XTRM1-11 is Changing Lives

Year after year, the number of Filipino millionaires continue to rise within the team. With the application of the XTRM 1-11 system, several million-dollar achievers were also created.

 Here are the countries that XTRM has helped change their lives. (Scroll on the map)





Hong Kong



XTRM1-11 Movement

XTRM Carsenals

For others there are just nice and fancy cars, but for us, these are dreams of so many people come true.

The XTRM has helped many people from different backgrounds and humble beginnings to getting the car of their dreams.