Ruby Director – Joffrey Taccad, Metro Manila

When I was awarded Executive Gold Director during the convention, instead of feeling motivated, I felt humiliated because I should have hit Ruby rank long ago; not to mention that I was stuck as Gold Director for three and a half years. For several times, I tried to hit Ruby Director but always end up hitting just the first week. Then, I got tired and stopped trying to hit it. But that’s the point; all throughout those attempts I was just TRYING and not really DECIDING.

I realized that the first week of run is easy, I just need 7 days worth of work and focus. The second week is really the week where I must DECIDE whether to continue or not. The third week is the DISCIPLINE week for me to finish the 21-Day Habit formation of run mindset. And lastly, the fourth week is the COMPLACENCY TEST week because this week is supposedly considered done. Then, last April 2016, I was able to hit Ruby Director.

I invited the majority to be complacent if your family and downlines are already happy with their results and life. But I invite the few to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, fingers crossed to continue building and learning from very challenge, and ignore what other people think because trust me, we are the only ones thinking that they mind us. I’ve seen it! They’re just waiting to be called.