Gold Director – Dra. Jet Bacaltos, Cebu

Life before USANA was all about medical career. After residency training, I wanted to train abroad, further advance in my specialty, and be one of the best in my field.

But then God led me to a different path and gave me motherhood. Having more time became a huge issue for me. I began to wonder how there are those who own their time, be with their kids and husband, travel with them and yet are still financially blessed. I began to ask myself, “What do I need to do to be like them?”

I read books, which I guess, paved my way to the entrepreneurial world. Cael was 7 months old when I joined USANA and started doing it as a home-based business.

More than the recognition and the financial rewards, what USANA gave me was a valuable time for my son and me. Since I am home based, I am able to be with him in every milestone, every step, and every cry. I was also able to exclusively breastfeed him since day one. All these, I did without sacrificing our finances and without giving up their finer things in life and USANA gave me that opportunity. For these, I am forever grateful.

Also, I am able to help and inspire a whole big team of amazing mothers who share the same vision as I do.

Finally, USANA has opened my eyes to more possibilities in life and empowered me with reasonable confidence. May God lead me the way.