The Elite Council

The Elite Council

This group of 8 amazing leaders has overseen the activities of XTRM Elite Leadership and they are responsible for the massive innovation of the inner circle of XTRM. 

Caleb Conrad Edpao

Caleb is the President of the Elite of the Elite Council. He oversees the operations and act as a mentor to other council members.

He is also the Co-Founder and Mentor of XTRM1-11

Ron Intia

Ron is a Ruby Director of USANA and XTRM. Aside from that, he is also an amazing mentor of the organization.

Trizza Tolentino

Trizza is the VP of Elite Council and a mentor of XTRM1-11. Aside from that, she is also a Ruby Director of USANA and has helped thousands of associates within the organization.

Regine Malana

Regine is a Ruby Director of XTRM1-11 and also one of the Elite Council. 


Winrich Ortea

Winrich Zion Ortea With his commitment and passion in sharing the vision of Dr. Myron Wentz he made it to become one of the strongest rising leaders of his team XTRM1-11. At his young age, he made a big impact in inspiring more people all over the world. From a graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering to an Entrepreneur. Winrich embodies that "No one should not be afraid to take risks. That if something fails, you gain knowledge. But if it succeeds, you gain excellence”. As his name shows, that if you WIN you'll going to be RICH, but as what he said "WINNING is not all about becoming RICH, WINNING is all about how RICH you can contribute to the growth of this nation and its people, and that's called WINRICH."

Experiencing all of this success only a few short years after starting the business, it has been so rewarding for Winrich wherein he come one of the Gold directors and it proves that hard work and taking a big leap in his life will give a massive results and blessings from God.

Sugar Malanog

Sugar is an Emerald Director of USANA and XTRM1-11. 

Jayleene Culcul

Jayleene is one of the Ruby Directors of group and is also a Mentor of XTRM1-11. 

Laurence Arceño

Laurence is an Emerald Director of USANA and also one of the most passionate mentors in XTRM. His passion is challenging his limits and he has also helped thousands of associates and other leaders grow in the organization.