Diamond Director – Emmanuel Cheng, Metro Manila

Many are asking what type of leader I am. I think that I am the type of leader with a heart. I am the type of leader who is great at making people feel special. I try to understand the unique contributions that each team member brings to our group by taking the time to get to know each one personally. Using your heart in leadership means you love your people, and you are able to rally a team around a vision and motivate them to perform at higher levels. Leading with your heart is about care and connection and that’s the way I describe my leadership qualities.

Some key practices that I did during my journey to Diamond Director are to be more organized and to manage my time properly. I also exercise to start my day right. This helps me keep a healthy body and a more focused mind, which gives me more time to do my USANA business. Aside from these benefits, it also relaxes my mind as I think of better ways to handle my team properly.

This milestone in my life here in USANA would not be possible without my mentors who pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and to dream big. Credit goes to my XTRM 1-11 team who is always there to support me throughout my diamond journey.

I dedicate my rank advancement to my family and to my leaders who helped me make this dream a reality. This journey does not end here but would be a turning point in my life for my next journey to multiple star diamond directorship, and to becoming a member of USANA’s exclusive Million Dollar Club.

Lastly, always remember to live life to the fullest because you only get to live it once and live the life you think you deserve!

Gold Director – Dra. Jet Bacaltos, Cebu

Life before USANA was all about medical career. After residency training, I wanted to train abroad, further advance in my specialty, and be one of the best in my field.

But then God led me to a different path and gave me motherhood. Having more time became a huge issue for me. I began to wonder how there are those who own their time, be with their kids and husband, travel with them and yet are still financially blessed. I began to ask myself, “What do I need to do to be like them?”

I read books, which I guess, paved my way to the entrepreneurial world. Cael was 7 months old when I joined USANA and started doing it as a home-based business.

More than the recognition and the financial rewards, what USANA gave me was a valuable time for my son and me. Since I am home based, I am able to be with him in every milestone, every step, and every cry. I was also able to exclusively breastfeed him since day one. All these, I did without sacrificing our finances and without giving up their finer things in life and USANA gave me that opportunity. For these, I am forever grateful.

Also, I am able to help and inspire a whole big team of amazing mothers who share the same vision as I do.

Finally, USANA has opened my eyes to more possibilities in life and empowered me with reasonable confidence. May God lead me the way.